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Hello, Just to let you know we have sold our trailer via your website, ref no 7cbdccc78e42 Thank you very much for all your help Kind regards Leesa

£6000 +VAT

3 + 1 Luxury toilet trailer for sale
32' x 10' anti vandal toilet block.
This unit is in very good condition and not thought to be very old.
Originally it was a 6 + 1 configuration but has been professionally converted in to a 4 + 3.
The ladies section comprises 4 x cubicles, 3 x hand basins fed from a single water boiler.It is also fitted with a hand dryer.
The male comprises 3 x cubicles, 5 x urinals, 3 x hand basins and is also fed from a single water heater with separate hand dryer.
In the pictures a pipe is missing from the urinals but this will be fitted before delivery.
This price also includes complete external painting in any 1 RAL colour of your choice.
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£8900 +VAT ono

32' x 10' Anti Vandal 4 + 3 Toilet Block Professional Conversion

Land Rover Discovery 4 - Derbyshire

Price: £17250 +VAT ono
Land Rover Discovery 4
2013 Land rover Discovery 4
128,000 miles
3.0 L Diesel
Fuel Service History
Tow Bar
One owner from new
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£17250 +VAT ono

Land Rover Discovery 4

Vacuum Tanker - Essex

Price: £4000 +VAT
Vacuum Tanker
Hardly used Rapide waste tank with separate waste and fresh water split 100 designed for the back of a flatbed van.
Now surplus to requirements but in good working order and an ideal starter vacuum tank for emptying portable toilets.
Tank size of: 180 waste with 100 water (gallons).
6ft 10" x 5f t4" on the frame and the height is 5ft.
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£4000 +VAT

Vacuum Tanker
Rinnai LPG boiler for sale. It has never been used since we had it. I believe it is 4/5 years old and was only used for one season at the previous camp site before I came to us.

£400 +VAT ono

Rinnai LPG Boiler
4 Single Cubicles
4 Vanity units, 1 2 bay urinal
Price depending on spec:
Mains Connected System: £25,000.00 + VAT - Pure Vacuum (no macerator): £32,000.00 + VAT

£25000 +VAT

New 3 Plus 1 Modular Toilet Systems
Rapide vacuum tank.
200 Gallon waste
100 Gallon fresh water.
Been used past few years as yard pump.
Needs a bit of TLC, but works fine. Good reliable unit.
Honda donkey engine.

£1000 +VAT

Rapide vacuum tank

Sold 3 + 1 Luxury Toilet Trailer - Mid Wales

Price: £6000 +VAT ono
3 + 1 toilet trailer
Recirc unit. Clean, well maintained and ready to go on hire.
3 Ladies cubicles, 1 men's cubicle and three urinals.

£6000 +VAT ono

3 + 1 toilet trailer
We are looking for used:-
  • 6 bay gas shower trailers
  • Urinal Trailers
  • 3+1 or 4+2 Toilet trailers
  • Plastic Disabled toilets
  • Modular Vacuum system (at least capable of making up 3+1 configurations)
  • 20+ Event toilets
All need to be in A1 condition and as new as possible as we supply the top end of the event market, Top prices paid for right equipment.


wanted: Shower Trailer, Moduvac, Urinal Trailer
Wanted - Used single chemical toilets
In working order, ideally with sinks, are able to collect


Used single chemical toilets
This unit requires mains drainage, water and power supply. Each external door is fitted with two security-style locks. The unit is made from mild-steel and is very robust.
Adjustable jack-legs enable the unit to be levelled up on site. The unit is in full working order, although some plumbing connections may work loose in transit.
An ex-hire fleet unit which shows some signs of wear. Main drainage and water connections located on the rear left-hand side (underneath). Power connection is on the front.
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£3500 +VAT

3+1 16’ x8’ Anti-Vandal Mains Toilet Block

Sold 6 Bay Gas Shower - Cheshire

Price: £3500 +VAT ono
6 Bay Gas Shower
6 Bay Gas Shower. Rinnai Boiler. Gas cert until June 2017. Good working order.
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£3500 +VAT ono

6 Bay Gas Shower
Just Loos luxury trailer unit 3+2
Contemporary décor (sinks on top)
Stored under cover when not in use.
Good condition inside and out
Recirculating unit
New foul pump and large header tank
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£15200 +VAT

Green toilet trailer

Sold 4 Bay Self-Contained Unit - Cheshire

Price: £9700 +VAT
4 Bay Unit Front
Hi Ben, The 4 Bay unit you posted yesterday is now sold !! Many thanks, Regards, Nick.

£9700 +VAT

4 Bay Unit Front
Here we have for sale an 18ft wheeled urinal trailer with stainless steel troughs

£600 including VAT

18ft Wheeled Urinal Trailer Unit with Stainless Steel Troughs
Fully authentic interior
Converted from a 2007 3 Plus 1 trailer only been on 5 hires to test converted systems.
Recirculating system - 800 litre waste, 350 litre water
Infrared watering can taps with bucket sinks in ladies
Infrared whiskey barrel tap with whiskey barrel sink in mens
Milk Churn urinals
High level cisterns have been replaced with more authentic units.

£22000 +VAT

Bespoke toilet trailer for sale UK

Sold 3+1 Premier Luxury Trailer Unit - West Sussex

Price: £9795 ono VAT Free
3+1 Premier Luxury Trailer Unit
This 3+1 manufactured by Premier Loos is in all round good condition and ready to get to work with no fuss.
Unit also benefits from removable advertising boards front and rear so when transporting can advertise and these are easily removed to make the unit anonymous once on site.
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£9795 ono VAT Free

3+1 Premier Luxury Trailer Unit

Sold 2+2 Toilet Trailers For Sale - Rickmansworth

Price: £6995 £2995 +VAT ono
DBS 2+2 Toilets
We have three 2+2 fresh toilets for sale.
They have large holding tanks and separate fresh water tanks for the toilets and hand basins.
Gents have two urinals, two cubicles and a sink, ladies have two cubicles and a sink. Lights run off 240v but water pumps are run from the leisure batteries.
They have skylights in the cubicles for extra light during daytime.

£6995 £2995 +VAT ono

DBS 2+2 Toilets
| Quantity: 3

Jack Leg Toilet Unit - Scottish Borders

Price: £2100 +VAT ono
Jack Leg Toilet Unit
Good jackleg cabin with 4 cubicles and long stainless steel sink and urinal complete with water heating.
We used it on one site that was connected to mains but now use recirculating units
Waste storage tank also available @ £300 extra
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£2100 +VAT ono

Jack Leg Toilet Unit

Sold Just Loos 5+1 Toilet Trailer - Newcastle upon Tyne

Price: £8500 £6000 including VAT
toilet trailer, 5+1
Make: Just Loos
Not self-contained
The right hand side of the trailer is male, with 4 urinals and 1 cubicle. The left hand side is female, with 4 cubicles.
Used at a small, family-run wedding venue for the past 4 years. Well looked after.
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£8500 £6000 including VAT

toilet trailer, 5+1

Sold 2+1 Luxury Toilet Trailer - Newbury

Price: £12500 £11000 +VAT
Trailer Front Mens Toilet
2+1 Luxury Toilet Trailer
Manufactured by Just Loos, 6 years ago
Great condition
Recirculating unit, skirt and steps
Ready to go
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£12500 £11000 +VAT

Trailer Front Mens Toilet
Pre loved shower cubicles in good condition
  • Cold water mains supply.
  • Instantaneous 7kw water heater with temperature and flow control.
  • Fully height adjustable shower head with integral soap tray.
  • Stainless steel shower curtain rail and fittings.
  • Corner vanity unit.
  • Acrylic mirror and towel rail.
  • Fully rotationally moulded shower tray and floor, provided with a 36mm central rose drain and, waste hosepipe .
  • units require a 32 amp c-form single phase socket (large Blue 3 pin socket).
All units are the blue colour shown in the pictures.

More information and contact details.

£700 +VAT

Secondhand Single Portable Shower Units
| Quantity: 6

Towable Toilet Trailer - Essex

Price: £2500 +VAT ono
towable toilet trailer
Male and female unit, interchangeable to all male, all female or split with a clever connecting door and urinal covers.
Configuration is, 2 x 2 urinals with covers, then three cubicles one side two the other.
It’s been used for a street food festival hence the bonkers decoration.
Plumbing and flushing all works, was re-circ, we used it into the mains, but it can easily be converted back. It has electric feed but needs a bit of work. The cubicles and floor are useable but need a bit of care.
Would suit site or informal use, probably not economical to get to the standard for smart weddings etc, but absolutely fine for something.
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£2500 +VAT ono

towable toilet trailer
Luxury 3+1 Loo/Toilet Trailer for sale, two units available, same size and configuration:
Selling due to growth in Marquee business and wanting to streamline focus.
2012 Unit: £14,000.00
2015 Unit: £16,500.00 SOLD


Luxury toilet trailer
4 x 2m stainless urinals- 12-16 person
Sink, hand towels, water heater, strip lights, steps, double axle (one wheel has bent out of alignment slightly as can see in photos but toes fine)
Approx 6years old
No tanks- had to be hooked up
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£3250 +VAT ono

Urinal Trailer 23ft Unit
Site toilet Vacuum tank, Gulley sucker
Brand new vacuum tank with new fittings, pump, engine, pipework and pressure washer.
With 15 metres of pipes.
Vacuum tank for waste 1000 litres, clean water tank 400 litre.
All in perfect working order ready to be used straight away.

£5300 +VAT

Site Toilet Vacuum Tank, Gulley Sucker
| Quantity: 5
Child protection seat.

Upto 35lb.

30cmW x 31cmD x 41cmH

£30 +VAT

Rubbermaid Sturdy Fold Away Seat

Mains Toilet Unit - Cheshire

Price: £1750 +VAT
Male And Female Toilet Units
1 converted body has 18 urinals.
For sale due to end of contract.
In excellent condition.
Priced to sell!!

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£1750 +VAT

Male And Female Toilet Units

Sold New Oak 3+1 Toilet Trailer - Huddersfield

Price: £21950 +VAT
3 + 1 toilet cabin
Oak 3+1 for Sale manufactured and sold by Shaw Services
Brand new 17' x 7'6" 3+(1+2) manufactured and available now from Shaw Services.
White exterior, oak cubicles and blue feature lighting.
Galvanised chassis tank with slope to centre sump and 3" gate valve.
Central service area giving access to all plumbing, electrics and service hatch.

£21950 +VAT

3 + 1 toilet cabin
Now surplus to requirements following planning clearance for permanent building. Used on touring caravan / tenting site, maintained and in proper operational condition.
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£6500 ono VAT Free

Portaloo 3 + 2 Toilet Trailer Mobile Toilet Units Front
| Quantity: 2
High specification unit built by Premier Toilet manufacturing Ltd.
2 ladies cubicles, 1 gents cubicle + 2 urinals
Galvanised chassis containing polypropylene Waste & water tanks
Full depth vanity units with counter top basins and infra red taps
Fibre optic star light ceiling and feature led skirting & up lights
Stainless steel dispensers
Finished in Black with contrasting silver skirts
New and ready to use - built to exhibit at this years Showmans Show
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£23900 +VAT

2 + 1 Luxury Recirculating Toilet Trailer
Alloy non slip hydraulic assisted ramp made by Raalloy in good condition.

W: 87 cm External
W: 80 cm Internal
H: 160 cm
Ramp length: 300 cm

Weight limit approx. 450 kilo
Weight of ramp: 40 kilo

£250 +VAT

Alloy non slip hydraulic assisted ramp

1990 Defender 90 (Archie) - Essex

Price: £8000 +VAT
1990 Defender 90
Lovingly rebuilt for me with many extras during 2009.
Loads of paperwork
Always been maintained to the highest standards.
One careful lady owner for the last 7 years.
Always been a good runner - never used for off roading.
Resent new tyres - Discovery engine and gearbox
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£8000 +VAT

1990 Defender 90
Hello Ben ... Tanker now SOLD!!! Good show, and will be in touch again soon! Thanks again John - Buckinghams of Kenilworth Ltd

£10000 +VAT

2009 Factory Refurbished "Buckaloo 1050" Toilet Tanker
3no 1000 Litre Road tow water bowsers.
Excellent condition
Hardly used.
One needs tow pin fixing, one needs electrics repaired. Other than that excellent condition.
£2500.00 plus vat for all three.
Sold as seen no warranties.

£2500 +VAT

1000 Litre Road Tow Water Bowsers For Sale
| Quantity: 3
IBC Water tanks.
Can be used as water weights for marquees (when full) will give you 1000kg of basalt.
Can be moved by hand when empty.
Price £50 to buy or £10 to hire

£50 +VAT

IBC Water Containers hire and sale
2+1 Luxury Toilet Trailer re-conditioned two seasons ago, ready to go straight to work.

£5000 +VAT

2+1 Luxury Toilet Trailer
Model-Man 10-180 with Sleeper Cab
Low Mileage - Owner Driver - Well Maintained - Good Tyres - 58 Plate
Drop side Ali Body and Tow bar
20’Long x 7’6”Wide
C/W Rapide Tanker-500Gal Waste & 100 Gal Fresh Water-4 Yrs Old/Elec Start Honda Eng 9Hp
Built To Transport Toilets & Tanker Operation.
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£10900 +VAT

Rapide Tanker-500Gal Waste & 100 Gal Fresh Water

Sold Self-Contained Chemical Toilets - Essex

Price: £300 +VAT
Self-Contained Chemical Toilets
  • Flushing re-circulating tank
  • Cold-water wash hand basin
  • Good condition – ideal for hire fleet or permanent location

£300 +VAT

Self-Contained Chemical Toilets
Fresh Water porta loo, complete with sink and electric light. In good working order.

£500 +VAT

Single portable loo
| Quantity: 3
MAN Truck - YN08 EVV
With Mounted Vacuum Tank
1200 Litre Tank Capacity - Split For Clean & Waste Fluid

£7500 +VAT ono

Toilet truck for sale
Whether you are planning to replace a single toilet trailer for the next hire season or wanting a supplier for your luxury toilet trailer manufacturing company, Retrac have the toilet trailer chassis for you.
With over 15 years of toilet trailer chassis building experience there isn't much we have not done.


toilet trailer for sale

Sold Premier Toilets 3+1 Trailer Toilet - West Sussex

Price: £13000 including VAT
Premier Toilets 3+1 Trailer Toilets
Smart reliable Premier Toilets 3+1 Trailer. Owner operated from new. Always stored inside when not in use. Steam cleaned the waste system after every hire. Just been out on hire last weekend to a wedding with no problems whatsoever. Totally reliable last year. Nearly new tyres. Professionally resprayed a couple of years ago to as new standard. Unsignwritten. Good set of full skirts. Led lighting. Rationalisation of businesses is reason for sale.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£13000 including VAT

Premier Toilets 3+1 Trailer Toilets
Luxury modern Cabin fitted out with 4x Ladies Restroom/Toilets which was used for only wedding events in previous season, however now looking for a larger cabin hence sale.
It’s in very good working condition which connects to mains or can be run by generator and waste storage tank if needed.
Ideal for short, long term or permanent use for Marquee events, Camp sites & Sports grounds etc.
Cabin can be easily converted for male use if required.

£9500 +VAT ono

Luxury toilet units

Sold Portable Toilet Sinks

Price: £30 +VAT
Portaloo sinks
20x Poly john sinks

5x Thal sinks

£30 +VAT

Portaloo sinks
| Quantity: 25
1 Hergo Toilet trailer with individual chemical toilet tanks. 3 ladies+ 1 man+2urinals.
Sinks equipped with electric pumps + separate clean and dirty water tanks.
Year 2008 - transformed and refurbished 2012.
Exclusive roundish design, interior wood finish, lights, music equipment, etc.
2 doors on each side. Wooden stairs with stainless fittings.
Very lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and tow.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£17500 ono VAT Free

Hergo Toilet trailer
Mercedes 7.5 tonne lorry
1 owner from new, drives perfectly. Brand new 1,100 gallon vacuum tanker, pump and engine. New body, paintwork, with a 250 litre clean water tank with pressure washer.
Any Inspection welcome.
12 Months MOT
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£10000 +VAT ono

Mercedes Vacuum Tanker 1,100 Gallon

Sold Iveco Daily Pumper Van - South Yorkshire

Price: £15995 +VAT ono
Iveco Daily Pumper Van
Iveco daily 35c15, white, 11 plate. Tax and Tested
Has Stainless Steel vacuum tank on back, 180 gallon waste, 100 gallon clean water.
Waste and water reels fitted.

£15995 +VAT ono

Iveco Daily Pumper Van

Sold 3 + 1 Event Trailers - Colne, Cambridgeshire

Price: £5500 +VAT ono
3 + 1 Event trailers
Choice of three recirculating event toilet trailers, all in 3 + 1 configuration.
Recently serviced/ refurbished as required.
Ready to go to work.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£5500 +VAT ono

3 + 1 Event trailers
| Quantity: 3

Sold 3 + 1 Luxury Toilet Trailer - Gloucester

Price: £9500 +VAT
Used festival toilet trailer for sale
2 x 3+1 Toilet Trailers
Built by Andy Loos Ltd
In very good working order
Ready to go to work
Stepsm Re-circulating. White skirts
Large waste and water tanks on board
Price is per unit

£9500 +VAT

Used festival toilet trailer for sale
| Quantity: 2