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Sold Urinal Block - Ashbourne, Derbyshire

Price: £6995 £3995 +VAT
Ablution Urinal block
Container based Stainless Steel Urinal.
Stand Alone Unit, Removable Side Panels
These are very heavy duty as were designed to be sent to Afghanistan but were never used.

£6995 £3995 +VAT

Ablution Urinal block
| £6995 £3995 +VAT
4 x 2m stainless urinals- 12-16 person
Sink, hand towels, water heater, strip lights, steps, double axle (one wheel has bent out of alignment slightly as can see in photos but toes fine)
Approx 6years old
No tanks- had to be hooked up
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£3250 +VAT ono

Urinal Trailer 23ft Unit
| £3250 +VAT ono
We are looking for used:-
  • 6 bay gas shower trailers
  • Urinal Trailers
  • 3+1 or 4+2 Toilet trailers
  • Plastic Disabled toilets
  • Modular Vacuum system (at least capable of making up 3+1 configurations)
  • 20+ Event toilets
All need to be in A1 condition and as new as possible as we supply the top end of the event market, Top prices paid for right equipment.


wanted: Shower Trailer, Moduvac, Urinal Trailer
HFA Removals

Large Urinal Toilet Trailer

Price: £2750 ono VAT Free
Large urinal trailer
Sections for use are of a total of 12-15 gents. Anti bacterial hand wipe system, fully skirted stabilising jacks placed on the front, I have two spare jacks that could also be mounted at the rear of the trailer. Also lighting can be connected. Very suitable for music festivals camping and larger outdoor events. The elsan tank in the pictures is included in this deal. Tyres are also in good condition.
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£2750 ono VAT Free

Large urinal trailer
| £2750 ono VAT Free

Sold Urinal Trailer - Kent

Price: £2500 +VAT
Urinal Trailer
Sold As Seen

£2500 +VAT

Urinal Trailer
| £2500 +VAT
Here we have for sale an 18ft wheeled urinal trailer with stainless steel troughs

£600 including VAT

18ft Wheeled Urinal Trailer Unit with Stainless Steel Troughs
| £600 including VAT

Sold Urinal Toilet Trailer - Hampshire

Price: £7000 +VAT
Mobile urinal toilet trailer
Thanks for all your help with these sales. You have such a great website

£7000 +VAT

Mobile urinal toilet trailer
| £7000 +VAT

Sold Six Man Urinal - Leicestershire

Price: £750 +VAT
six man urinal
1 x six man urinal or can be converted to large disabled unit by removing urinals and replacing with WC.
This is bigger than the normal units as it is designed to allow a wheelchair and carer inside, specification some councils insist on.
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£750 +VAT

six man urinal
| £750 +VAT
14 Urinal Toilet Trailer
Old unit but it works extremely well
Exterior wrapped in green
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£4000 +VAT ono

14 Urinal Toilet Trailer
| £4000 +VAT ono

Sold 6 Man Urinals - Wymondham, Norfolk

Price: £500 +VAT ono
6 Man Urinals
We have 3no. 6 man urinals for sale.
Reasonable condition, in green. Open ended so they line up together.
£500 each or 3 for £1250.
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£500 +VAT ono

6 Man Urinals
| Quantity: 3 | £500 +VAT ono per unit
2no 6 Bay Urinal units.
Excellent condition.

£550 +VAT

6 Bay Urinal units
| Quantity: 2 | £550 +VAT per unit
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