Sold Unisex Single Shower Unit - Carlisle, Cumbria


This LPG Gas or Electric powered shower is both economical and versatile.

Specifically designed for outdoor use, these single unisex showers can be easily located and are particularly suited for temporary working environments, caravan parks and events. Gas showers are heated by propane bottled gas with automatic ignition from D cell batteries, there is no pilot light – the burners come on when the water flows.
Electric showers are operated via an integrated warming unit and powered via a 16 amp / 3.5 kVa connection.

Colour and Fittings Blue with opaque roof
Length: 1.2m
Width: 1.2m
Height: 2.4m
Weight: 100kg

Facilities: Cubicle Shower
Water Supply: Warm and Cold
Waste: Mains grey water waste connection required
Power Required:
Option (a) LPG Propane bottled gas (ignition is automatic by D cell batteries) or Option (b) Electric 16 amp / 3.5 kVa
Usage: Up to 100 people per day (approx. 50 per 8-hour event)
Ground Conditions:
Firm level ground with good access

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