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Wanted for the Big Yellow Bus Homeless Project, I need a single toilet unit (will be stripped out and the tank only will be used).
Condition not important so long as the toilet is in good working order.
Please, if you have an old one lying around get in touch!!


WANTED: Single Portable Toilet Tank
Brand new in July- Only been used once - dark green, fitted with deb sanitiser and refill.

£499 +VAT

Single toilets for sale
| Quantity: 20
Flushing c/w HSE Sinks.
Ex site toilets all working order
£2,000 plus vat For all 8 units.
Sold as seen no warranties.

£2000 +VAT

Toilets for sale
| Quantity: 8
HFA Removals

£350 +VAT

Single toilet units
| Quantity: 10
Mains connection single toilet, was a disabled toilet, only requires handles to be put back to be fully compliant.
Good condition
Hot/cold water
Baby changer

£3250 +VAT

Disabled toilet unit for sale

£425 +VAT ono

Polyjohn Single Unit Toilets
| Quantity: 3
Wanted - Used single chemical toilets
In working order, ideally with sinks, are able to collect


Used single chemical toilets
A number of ex-hire fleet Poly John single chemical toilets with wash hand basin. All in good condition and ready to go.

£1800 including VAT ono

Single toilet units for sale
| Quantity: 10
GigLoo UK distributor of five peak portable toilets and manufacture of toilet and shower trailers
Portable toilets for sale, all new and ready for collection.
Promo price £495 valid until November 30th.

£495 +VAT ono

Portable toilet for sale
| Quantity: 100
  • Flushing re-circulating tank
  • Cold-water wash hand basin
  • Good condition – ideal for hire fleet or permanent location

£300 +VAT

Self-Contained Chemical Toilets
| Quantity: 2
Ex hire fleet stock, well used, mix of colours, plenty available

£395 +VAT

Ex Hire Portable Site Toilets
| Quantity: 50

£150 including VAT ono

Single Unit Toilet
| Quantity: 5
We are looking for used:-
  • 6 bay gas shower trailers
  • Urinal Trailers
  • 3+1 or 4+2 Toilet trailers
  • Plastic Disabled toilets
  • Modular Vacuum system (at least capable of making up 3+1 configurations)
  • 20+ Event toilets
All need to be in A1 condition and as new as possible as we supply the top end of the event market, Top prices paid for right equipment.


wanted: Shower Trailer, Moduvac, Urinal Trailer

£2500 +VAT ono

10x Ex Hire Portable Site Toilets
| Quantity: 10

£11000 +VAT

Portable Toilets
| Quantity: 50
We sold all our loos for this year, great response sold 40 through this advert alone.

£250 including VAT

Single Unit Portable Toilets for sale
| Quantity: 9
Sold all of these items- within a couple of days of being on your site. Great site.

£400 VAT Free

PolyJohn PJN3 Pink & Blue Single Plastic Loos
| Quantity: 9