Sold 10 Bay Toilet Unit - North Somerset


10 Bay Re-circulating Toilet Unit
Colour :- Green
Condition :- Very good
Age :- 6 Years, only used for 2 seasons
Chassis :- galvinised (looks like new)
1st Unit new Fresh water pump
2nd Unit Both pumps new (Effulent and fresh water)
Brand new steps and handrails @ £2,300 per unit
50% New Toilet Seats
Electrical test certificate April 2018
Polished and ready to hire
Goat - Extra

This item is now sold

Hi Ben
Ref :- 6718DF5295EC
Both the 10 bay toilet units have now been sold.
Sold within a week, Many Thanks Ben – (can you place this in advert)
Best wishes

Price: Sold