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Sold 30x Axxis Toilets By Polyportables - Worcestershire


30x Nearly new single toilets

Only used a few times each

Cost £675 now just £500 each

Make PolyPortables

Model Axxis

Axxis Featrues

Height (Outside) 92.0” 2300mm
Width (Outside) 47.0” 1190mm
Depth (Outside) 61.0” 1090mm
Tank Capacity 60 Gallons 227 Litres
Weight 187 lbs 85Kg
Door Height 79.0” 2000mm

Extra high concentrate ultraviolet stabilisation to combat colour fading and cracking

Steel plates mounted to the door and frame allowing the toilet to be padlocked

Tank lid lifts and stays up to allow easier cleaning - flushing handle remains to the side

Contoured and slanted tank surface to facilitate fluid run-off and easy cleaning

Wide door opening gives feeling of spaciousness

Ambidextrous door pull with wraparound grip

Mirror and coat hook fitted as standard

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Price: Sold