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Sold Disabled Toilet Cabin - National Delivery Inc.


Portable Disabled toilet - Including delivery.
Manufactured to the "Changing Places" standard for profoundly disabled people.
This unit has more space and the right equipment, including a height adjustable changing bench and a hoist.

Traditional accessible toilets do not often meet the needs of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities as well as other severe impairments such as spinal injuries, muscular dystrophy and cerebal palsy.

A Changing Places toilet has more space and provides the equipment people need to be able to use the toilet in safety and comfort. It is important that these features are all present in order to make sure the toilet is suitable for those who need it most.

The toilet provides an adult sized, height adjustable changing bench, a hoist and a peninsular (centrally placed) toilet.

Read below to find out more about equipment needed in Changing Places toilet:

*Changing Benches
An adult-sized changing bench.
A changing bench provides a comfortable, stable platform to get changed on for people who use incontinence pads or who need help undressing to use the toilet. They can also be used for showering.
Height adjustable models enable the bench level to be lowered to a suitable height for self-transfer from a wheelchair or assisted transfer using a hoist, and then raised to a working height for one or more assistants.

It eliminates the need to lift a person manually, thus reducing the strain on carers' backs and the risk of injury to the person being transferred. It aids access to the changing bench, so carers no longer have to use the toilet floor for changing.
A hoist reduces the need for extra help and allows someone who cannot self-transfer to move about the room with comfort and dignity.

*Peninsular Toilet
The toilet sticks out form the wall giving space on both sides of the toilet, allowing wheelchair transfers or assistance from carers.

*Grab Rails
Drop-down rails can be lowered to assist during transfer or to provide support to a person while seated on the toilet. They should be raised back against the wall when not in use, so they do not obstruct transfer using a hoist.

*Wash Basin
Height adjustable wash basin for wheel chair accessibility.

Selling due to the ill health.

The has been recently manufactured.

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RRP £45k + VAT and delivery
Delivered price of 35k +VAT

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Delivery notes

Can be delivered to the UK mainland. Further afield price on request.

Bakend South lndustrial Estate, Jedburgh, Scottish Borders. TD8 6ED.

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